About DANMAR Electric Ltd.

C.E.O - Carmen

With over 25 years in the industry DANMAR Electric has been offering unique and reliable services for residents and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Right from the beginning our motto has always been to offer the best quality service on a very competitive budget. We have still kept that promise.

Efficient Staff

We get involved with your project to the extent that we advice you on what options and products to go for which are energy efficient thus giving you more savings in the now or in  the long-term. We have always maintained an efficient, well-trained and friendly staff. When we enter your home or property to provide solutions respect is accorded and care is given to every single element on your property. We treat your environment like we would our own. 

Maintaining current Ontario standards on electrical modifications of homes and commercial properties is top of mind anytime we are on the job. Our intent is not to make your  budget far more than you hoped, however we will advice you and show you which areas may present you with huge costs in the future so you can tackle them now. Electrical efficiency is vital in any building.  We will explain into detail the do's and dont's to always maintian an efficient electricity flow on your property.


house rewiring


Call or customer service today and schedule an appointment and assessment. No project is too big or too small. No matter the details and simplicity, we treat each request seriously and promptly.

Tel: 905 . 595 . 0545 / QRT: 416 . 688 . 6672

Home Electric Safety Tips


These 5 steps recommended by OESC to protect your family and your home:

  • Know the rules ask about the Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements for electrical wiring and installations.
  • Ensure the power is off always turn power off from the panel box, and use an approved tester to ensure power is off.
  • Use approved products look for the mark of a recognized certification agency on electrical products.
  • If you are not familiar with your homes electrical system, or do not know who has done the electrical work in your home in the past, ESA recommends you consult a licensed electrical contractor about your homes electrical requirements.
  • Arrange to have your electrical work inspected as required by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

Full Home Rewiring


Rewiring an older home, office or commercial property can be quite tasking. This always requires great expertise. We have the right staff to take on any-size project.